This is the blog for attendees (and aficionados) of National Corndog Day -- NCD 2005 is on March 19th this year, so time to get ready.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

National Corndog Day

So, i was awaken this morning to the Fed Ex guy at my door with two large boxes....Corndogs. It was ten times better than my usual waking up to Foldgers in my cup. Any who the plan was to go snowboarding here in Minneapolis and then returning to an all out dog party. But when my buddy suffered a spinal injury on the slopes it kind of changed our plans. After spending 6 hrs. at the hospital and being forced to watch the games on a small T.V. in the hospital we returned an cracked the box. It was like a treasure chest full of corndogs.

We popped as many dogs into the oven as we could and partied like it was 1999. I think these are the best corndogs on the market. They have the perfect ratio of meat?!? and breading. I was pleasantly impressed. Anywho, we still have an unopened box in the freezer for days to come.

Oh yeah and the spinal injury is all good, no surgury, he just needs to be in a neck brace for the next week.


Also, is there anyway we can thank Foster Farms for being an awesome sponsor !!

Portland Update-
We have finished the festivities with 3 official triple-double winners. "Easy-E", Gary Hostettler, and Ethan Parker all managed to run the gauntlet and enter the hall of fame. We also are currently through a keg and a be continued????

Eric Fisher has completed the triple double, before overtime for West Virgina. He doesn't want to talk about it.

We need some love. Eric Fisher is 14 tots away from a triple double in Boston. He is looking very shaky and needs your support!

National Corndog Day

Mara's Stats:

10 corn dogs
10 beers
90 tots


Portland Update-
"Easy-E" has rallied and now has a plate of 4 corndogs in front of him- all that is left between him and immortality.....will he get it done?????

National Corndog Day

North Carolina. Ugh.

My foot is tingling. What does that mean?
Please advise.

There is a new member: Jill Becker of the Boston party has just arrived eight months pregnent and eaten for two. Does this mean she has to eat 20 corndogs and drink 20 beers for the double double?

From the unknown party in the valley of the sun....

Update from the first Phoenix party.

Well after a late start, (slight miscalculation in start times), we are off to a solid start. Actually better than expected due to the fact that all participants are amateurs save one. So what can be somewhat overwhelming at first, is being tackled like they have been in training all year. We've got four people half way there to the grand prize of NCD infamy. Even though we may seem weak in our eating efforts we have stepped up in our drinking. One participant has introduced us to the "Scooter". All you need is:

1) One clean cooler
2) 30 pack Milwaukie's Best
3) 2 liters Mt. Dew
4) One handle vodka, (preferably something cheap like Baker's Cup)
5) One container Country Time Lemon Aide.
6) Ice

--Put it all in the cooler and mix. It is a great change, and taste bud restorative concoction. Give it a shot, you'll feel refreshed and ready for more meat on a stick.

A new concept: born from the delirium of mid-triple double, the Turduckendog. Everyone knows that a Turducken is a duck stuffed inside of a chicken stuffed inside of a turkey. Now stick a stuff a corndog inside and you have 4 meats on a stick!

The Tiniest Corndog!!! Little Owen Hooper shows his taste for the meat on a stick....

Portland Update: First Fallen Comrade
"Easy-E" (pictured below) was the first Portlander to go down for the count. After 10 beers, 100 tots, and 3 (ouch) corndogs he dropped to one knee and screamed "no mas". It was a sad day for all of us....

San Diego In the house!

we're starting it out family style! 4 kids under 4, combined they're at 4 dogs already. Charlie (dog) got 2. Go TTech!

North Carolina Update!

We have got several achievers here in Chapel Hill. 8 dogs/6 beers/2 units tots for Mara, 7 dogs/6 beers for Kathy and the rest are stonewalling around 4 dogs. We feel confident that we will have at least 2 taking home regonition certificates at the end of the day.

UNC and Duke have advanced, so today we can just concentrate on eating. Looking forward to the Wake game tonight.

Hope all is well in Corn Dog Land!!

Yours in breaded goodness,
Mara and Kathy

Portland Update-
The new triple double category up for debate is whether or not to replace twinkies with "deuces" We have several people on pace for 10.....

Two dogs down the hatch...couldn't wait till tipoff. New England is already rocking the dog!