This is the blog for attendees (and aficionados) of National Corndog Day -- NCD 2005 is on March 19th this year, so time to get ready.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

NCD is (appropriately) getting some featured press this year. Last year Doggfather Sahnow was on a Chicago Sports Talk Show, this year we've made Boulder's Daily Dirt. Check it out at It includes shout-outs to Dave S's homemade corndog recipe, Bob Ishikawa's Veggie Triple-Double, and Brady's promise to introduce his six day-old son to his first Corndog. Let the next generation continue.


I promised a couple Charlottesville 'doggers that I'd put the following question to the corndogday blog:

Is it possible to achieve a non-alcoholic triple double? One proposed approach is to consume 10 O'Douls. Is this the appropriate course, or is there another non-alcoholic option?

Tim Johnson
Charlottesville, VA