This is the blog for attendees (and aficionados) of National Corndog Day -- NCD 2005 is on March 19th this year, so time to get ready.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Two dogs down the hatch...couldn't wait till tipoff. New England is already rocking the dog!


Blogger Brooklyn Doggers said...

We started a bit early ourselves. Found a brilliant new breakfast corndog -- sausage dipped in pancake batter. Delicious answer to the age-old sweet or savory for breakfast question.

10:27 AM, March 19, 2005

Blogger Greg said...

Westside Oakland checking in: One hour in, and Bob Ishikamo has packed away five dogs, two of which were chili-licious. The rest of us are spreading it out, with beers, tots, and dogs at 2-4 each.

Thank the lord the day is upon us.

11:05 AM, March 19, 2005

Blogger Matt"lovemesomecorndogs"Gray said...

Portland East County spirits are high as we celebrate this most hallowed of holidays. Terry Schloth has consumed 7 dogs, 7 beers, and 30 tots in 2 hours. Are there any comparable intakes?

12:00 PM, March 19, 2005

Blogger NC Dawgs said...

I ate 6 dogs, 4 beers and 20 tots in the first hour.



1:42 PM, March 19, 2005

Blogger TexasDude said...

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9:37 AM, October 26, 2005


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