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Sunday, February 27, 2005

We get a lot of letters here at NCD Headquarters, ranging from the profound to the mundane to the commercial (more Cialis ads?). We've taken some of the best and republished them here to gain a wider audience. They (mostly) deserve it:

A sidenote, to explain my love of corndogs, in college I once made one of the pledges in my fraternity research the history of the corndog. At his weekly meeting, he was unable to tell us the names of any of our Founders. He explained that he did not have time because he had spent so much time researching corn dogs. It was a proud day for me.

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful event that combines two of the greatest things on earth, corn dogs and the NCAA Tournament.



I love corn dogs and would like the information to start my own festival of corndogs. Unfortunately I'm based in the UK where corn dogs are quite difficult to find, but I'm a mean cook and would like to educate the good people of Britain of the tasty delights of the corn dog.



I just recently moved to Bremerton Washington, it is directly west of Seattle Washington. I attended my first corn dog day in Washington DC last year and double doubled with the best of them. Due to my recent move I have decided that I would like to host my own corn dog day this coming year. It is time to spread this tradition far and wide. I have been telling people about the blessed event and I have about 50 people interested in attending.


I am so much in love with corndogs when I found this web site I was tickled pink. next year I do plan on going to national corn dog in Portland Oregon. so plan on seeing me there yours truly big fat corndog dude


We make home made corn dogs as a fund raiser for our church every year at festivals in our community. We love your idea of a national corn dog day and would like to have a celebration next year.


Please feel free to add to these testimonials...


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7:11 AM, March 14, 2005

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